Pin Signals

My goodness, Pinterest sure has been on a roll lately, haven’t they?

ALL these new “best practices” and things offered to us out of “transparency” are enough to make us all a little crazy!

Thing is, underneath it all, if you really think and APPLY what you THINK they’re saying, it all starts to make sense.

Reading “between the lines” and testing led me to truly understand how these “Pin Signals” work together to increase the reach my pins get on Pinterest.

and it’s all made a WORLD of difference.

So, let’s talk about ‘Pin Signals’ and other “tweaks” to the Pinterest algorithm.

Pin Signals Pinterest Training from PotPieGirl with Bonus Tailwind Training Video called "Wednesday Work"

First off, if you’ve been following any of these updates from Pinterest lately, you know that “Fresh Pins” are THE thing right now.

Tailwind makes “Fresh Pins” – so yep, that’s a good thing!

And yes, it also feels like this giant “push” from Pinterest for us ALL to be using Tailwind, I’ll admit it.

But I’ll also admit THIS:

Tailwind REALLY Works

(and works better NOW more than ever before!)

I strongly encourage you to at LEAST try Tailwind for Free here.

(note: that link above gives you a free $15 credit to use IF you choose to get a paid account)

Yes, I still manual pin, but Tailwind has been my hero for the last few months.

In fact, a few of my Pinterest accounts were still using the Free Tailwind option, but recently, I upgraded them because I simply cannot get these types of results with anything else.

Naturally, I have my own unique way of using Tailwind because I just can’t seem to use tools the way everyone else does lol!

But I’ll talk about that later in this post.

First, Let’s talk about some changes with Pinterest recently.

Before I even jump in, let me say this:

If what YOU are doing on Pinterest right now is working for YOU – please keep doing THAT.

Personal Boards are POWERFUL Right Now

Holy Toledo, personal boards are GREAT right now.

In fact, they have been super powerful for about the last 9-10 months.

That was when I was starting a new “niche” blog AND a brand new Pinterest account to go with it.

Starting at zero is humbling, but my goodness, what a learning experience!

You get to see Pinterest in a whole new light.

Between starting a brand new Pinterest Business account AND having my own personal Pinterest account (as a “normal” Pinterest user), I sure was able to SEE things I never noticed before.

One of those things is the increased power of personal Pinterest boards (ie, Non group boards).

You could have TWO followers on Pinterest and still do REALLY well if you know what you’re doing and never HAVE to join a Group Board.

Personal boards are where it’s at lately – IF you get your “Pin Signals” right.

I highly recommended you make more new personal boards that fit your “niche”.

BUT: what should you NAME those new boards?

Once you understand how Pin Signals work, it will be super easy to decide on board names.

I have a nifty trick I use when creating and naming new boards that works SO well for me AND really helps with my “Pin Signals” for long-term success.

Perhaps you’ve heard Pinterest say:

“Pin to your most relevant board FIRST”?

And THEN it’s totally ok to pin to all your OTHER relevant boards.

At first, that makes perfect sense, right?

But then do you find yourself wondering what Pinterest really MEANS when they say “most relevant board”?

Most relevant to ME? Or most relevant to Pinterest?

Turns out, there really is a great way to do this AND get your Pin Signals correct AND reach a far wider audience!

I thought I totally understood that whole “most relevant board” thing until I really dug in and LOOKED at how PINTEREST groups things by relevance.

The Pinterest algorithm needs certain “Pin Signals” to truly understand your pin and get it in front of those that want to SEE it (or FIND it).

The really cool thing is, Pinterest will totally help you figure it out for YOUR account if you know where to look, why it matters, and how to use the info you find.

And this also really explains why many Group Boards don’t do squat anymore (and many Group Boards *could* fix that)

Speaking of Group Boards…

Before I begin, I have to say that Group Boards are still important for new accounts that are trying to gain traction, momentum and growth from Pinterest.

You need all the eyeballs you can get on your pins!

But for more established accounts, you’ve probably noticed that the ‘power’ of Group Boards is falling quickly.

So, should you LEAVE your Group Boards?

I left MANY Group Boards a few months ago – and I SOOOO wish I did NOT do that as my FIRST course of action.

There is a better option that has been the perfect compromise for me for Group Boards I’ve tested thoroughly and *think* I might want to leave (but I’m not quite ready to permanently LEAVE them…yet)

How Often Should You Re-Pin from OTHER Bloggers?

Did you know that if you have a verified Pinterest business account, that the Pinterest algorithm gives priority to pins YOU make from YOUR site/blog?

That’s right – Pinterest rewards you for pinning your OWN pins =)

There is no magic number or rule for a “ratio” of your pins vs other peoples pins on your account.

The only time pinning from OTHER sites (or repinning others pins) really comes into play is when you do not have enough content (pins) of your own to pin consistently on your account (without over-doing it with the same pins over and over).

That’s when Pinterest says you should opt to pin other peoples pins instead of not pinning at all.

Keep your Pinterest account consistently moving with fresh content that relates to the topic/theme/niche of your Pinterest account.

ie, keep your Pinterest feed moving with pin content that your followers will engage with.

Speaking of Pinterest Followers…

Did you know your followers hold so many “keys” as to what YOU should blog and pin about? And so many clues as to what types of boards you should have too!

You DO want your followers to RE-pin your pins, right? Right!

Heck, we want ALL pinners to re-pin our pins!

The right Pin Signals can get your pin in front of MANY pinners who do NOT follow you – but WANT to see what you’re pinning.

I gotta tell ya, my little Pin Signals notes and strategy even impressed ME.

I NEVER print my own training out – but I sure as heck printed out my Pin Signals!

Pin Signals Pinterest Marketing Tips from PotPieGirl

(and nope, I better not quit my “day job” to become a photographer because I really stink at taking pictures…lol!)


What About RE-Pinning YOUR Pins?

As Pinterest Marketers, the Pinterest algorithm holds us to a different expectation.

We are supposed to be CREATING content for Pinterest – not re-sharing what’s already there.

A big part of me thinks the Pinterest people are stressing this point about us NOT re-pinning because re-pinning causes Duplicate Content on their site.

Pinterest has had some big problems with Google recently, so this makes total sense to me.

Plus, Pinterest expects us to create NEW content for their “normal” Pinterest users to find – which also makes perfect sense.

There is a BIG difference between Pinterest Marketers accounts and Pinterest Consumer accounts.

Pinterest Marketers have verified business accounts on Pinterest.

We are considered Pinterest content PRODUCERS (or Content Creators)

And then, there are the normal “personal” Pinterest accounts – those are the Pinterest Consumers.

We produce new fresh pins…. and they “consume” and repin pins already on Pinterest (and hopefully, CLICK those pins, too!)

Unless your target Pinterest market is OTHER Pinterest Marketers (which is a TOUGH niche on Pinterest), you should not worry about what OTHER Pinterest Marketers are doing with your pins.

So all those “pin for pin” threads on Facebook where bloggers all repin each others pins – yeah, not good.

And, even as much as I am LOVING Tailwind right now, it also makes me wonder about Tailwind Tribes.

(If Tribes are working for YOU, by all means, keep doing it!!)

While yes, Tribes DO create Fresh Pins – it’s still Pinterest Content Producers (ie, other Pinterest Marketers) sharing pins that are already found on Pinterest.

I’ve dabbled in Tailwind Tribes to test them out, and overall, I’m not really impressed – but that’s me.

Needless to say, I now have my own very unique way of using Tailwind Tribes that is crazy helpful.

It’s a big part of what I call my “Wednesday Work”.

I have multiple Pinterest accounts AND multiple Tailwind accounts.

I simply could NOT manage the results I get WITHOUT Tailwind – period.

Wednesday is my day to schedule all my pins for all my accounts for the week.

Why Wednesday?

Simple – the weekends are my best times for engagement for almost all my Pinterest accounts.

By Wednesday, I have a couple days to see how pins from the last weekend did, check all my stats in Tailwind, check my 1644 Tracking, etc so I can effectively plan out pins and prepare for the NEXT weekend.

I have systems in place for just about everything that does NOT require my “right brain” (ie, my creativity).

Without my own way of tracking pins at the individual pin level, I would not be able to easily SEE what IS working – and what’s NOT working.

Between the awesome stats Tailwind gives about your pins AND my own 1644 tracking system, I can knock out my “Wednesday Work” for ALL my Pinterest accounts very quickly and be DONE for the next week.

AND I have the confidence of knowing I am not only putting my best pins out there as needed, but I am also setting NEW pins up for success by doing my best to make sure my Pin Signals are on point.

As you can see, when my Pin Signals are all lined up… things turn out GREAT!

Pin Signals from PotPieGirl - inside the Pin Signals Pinterest Training Guide

(note: that pin in that example from inside Pin Signals is only 5 days old and it is NOT on a “trending” on “holiday” topic!)

Want To Watch Me DO My “Wednesday Work”?

I have a 1 hour video where I show exactly how I do my “Wednesday Work”

(it really takes me less than an hour, but I was also explaining what I was doing AND showing you my process for creating NEW pins that Pinterest loves SO much)

hint: I could not do all the “fresh” and “new” without THIS amazing little tool.

The right tools, solid systems that actually HELP me, and some daily routine tasks are what keeps things cruising along for me.

I do my “Wednesday Work” to plan out my Pinterest accounts and get them all scheduled…. I also have “Money Mondays” where I check in with income/expenses for the past week..and “Talk Tuesdays” (catch up on email, check in on Social Media, etc etc) and “Thirsty Thursdays” where I try to learn, test, and grow and my “Free-Form Fridays” where I can do whatever I want that day. Just KNOWING that I don’t HAVE to do anything on Fridays really, REALLY boosts my creativity – plus, everything else is done so nothing is really stressing me out.

Anyway, that’s just a little insight into how it all works behind the scenes for me.

Yes, I still manual pin, and create new blogs posts, and update older blogs posts for better results, and create emails, etc etc etc… But those things require me to be in more of a right-brained “creative” mindset and, for me, that happens at night.

We Gotta Work What Works, right?

And this is all works for ME.

My Pin Signals Strategy mixed with my Wednesday Work Pin Scheduling is working really well for me.

If YOU would like to learn my Pin Signals Strategy and see my Wednesday Work Process – just click below.

You’ll get my Wednesday Work training video as a Free Bonus today – yay!

Pin Signals Pinterest Marketing Tips from PotPieGirl

I don’t know how long the Wednesday Work video will be included for free and I don’t know how long I’ll leave this Pin Signals guide out here either – so no promises, ok?

Thing is, I KNOW this time with Pinterest is SUPER confusing –

AND overwhelming AND frustrating… and a bit scary, too.

There’s no need to be a “pioneer” and try and invent a new way of doing things when you can learn from others that are already doing what works, right?

Can you go figure all this out on your own?

Of course you can!

I did – so you certainly can too!

Thing is, I can honestly say I wish someone would have just sold me THEIR notes on all this stuff instead of ME spending all the TIME and frustration to figure it out.

It’s not “rocket science” – it’s all right there for anyone and everyone to piece together…

but I don’t see others actually DOING these things and giving Pinterest what it WANTS since all these changes have happened.

If what YOU’RE doing is working for YOU – please, PLEASE keep doing that!

But if it’s not working and all these changes are frustrating you as you watch your traffic and engagement from Pinterest decline, maybe you need a fresh way of looking at your Pinterest strategy and a new angle on how you DO things.

I’m offering my Pin Signals Strategy to you now – or you can keep on with what you’re doing.

Totally up to you.

Pin Signals is a 65+ page pdf guide that you’ll be able to download and read instantly after your transaction is completed.

It’s a quick and easy read (I don’t do “fluff” – I like to get straight to the good stuff)

Inside your Pin Signals Guide you will also get Access Details for your Bonus Wednesday Work Video.

No upsells, downsells, cross-sells or any other “funny business” either =)

Ready to learn Pin Signals?

Just click below and let’s get started!

I bet you’re about to have quite a few “A-HA!” moments about Pinterest =)








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Pin Signals from PotPieGirl

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Pinterest Marketing Tips for Bloggers - How To Get More Blog Traffic from Pinterest from PotPieGirl
Pinterest Marketing Tips for Bloggers - How To Get More Blog Traffic from Pinterest from PotPieGirl
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