On this page you will find a free keyword tool and a free rank checker tool. Feel free to use them as often as you like – and yes, feel free to share this page with others.

You also have permission to put either tool, or both, on YOUR web page (your readers will love you for it!). The code to embed these tools is found right below each tool on this page.

Free Keyword Tool

What Keywords Should I Use?

Go ahead and play around with this free keyword tool. It’s awesome! Just type in your keyword or keyword phrase and click “Search For Keywords”. Tip: the “SEO Power” metric is very powerful.

You can get the full-blown version here that has all the awesome “whistles and bells”.

Want to put this free keyword tool on YOUR site? No Problem!

Just copy this code and paste on your web page:

Note: This free keyword research tool is also found over at

Free Rank Checker Tool

Where Do I Rank In Google?

Did you know that Google does a LOT of things to personalize your search engine results when you make a search? They sure do! AND, if you are signed IN to Google, they personalize your results even more.

What that all means is the when YOU type your keywords into Google, you most likely are not getting accurate feedback on where you rank. In fact, it could be SO far reality that it’s not even funny.

For example, if you tend to click on your own listings in the Google SERPs often, Google tends to rank your pages higher for YOUR results. Meaning, you might THINK you rank on Page 1 when in reality, you don’t.

Below is a free rank checking tool so you can see what page on Google your web page is for your keyword(s).

You will notice that when you click “show advanced options”, the option “Clean Url” is set to “yes” by default – meaning it is as “clean” of ranking report as you can get (no personalization – just the SERPs and only the SERPs 😉 )

Also, when you click “show advanced options” you can choose which “version” of Google you want to check your rankings on (ie,,, etc).

Go ahead and try it out.

(note: You can also find this free rank checking tool over at )

Want to Put This Rank Checker Tool on YOUR Site?

No problem – I share 😉

Just embed this code into your web page:



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