How To Add a Clickable Image To a Squidoo Lens

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Adding a Picture Link To Your Lens –

One of the most common questions I get about Squidoo is how to add a picture that is a link on a  lens.  Adding images to Squidoo lenses is really important – people love pictures, and pictures can add so much more dimension to your online content.  Also, being able to make that image a link to your website or make it an affiliate link to a product can be very effective for your Squidoo marketing efforts.  So, let’s walk thru the steps to take to get a clickable picture link on your lens.

How To Add a Picture Link To a Lens

Since the PotPieGirl house is a little chaotic as we prepare for our trip to see Mickey Mouse, I invited Bryan Kraemer from over to do a guest post for us.  Bryan is one of my long-time readers.  He and I agree on most things… except college football.  Bless his heart, he is a Kentucky fan (gasp!)

Above all, Bryan has had great success following my One Week Marketing Action Plan.  In fact, he recently started helping others with their own One Week Marketing campaigns, too.

He is a great teacher and a really great guy (aside from that Kentucky thing…lol).

So, let’s welcome Bryan to and enjoy his step by step tutorial for adding images and clickable images to a Squidoo lens.


Adding Images and Clickable Images For Squidoo

Hello PotPieGirl readers, this is Bryan from and I am extremely excited to get the opportunity to be a guest blogger here on I have been working online part time for a few years now, quietly building my niche marketing/ OneWeekMarketing campaigns one at a time.

I still hold down a “day job” (for now!) but have been working hard using these bum marketing methods to build a steady online paycheck in the evenings and on weekends. I am married to a wonderful wife (who puts up with my late nights on the computer) and we live in the northern section of Kentucky, near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Like many (or most!) of you, finding a way to pay some bills, increase the savings account, and one day “fire the boss” is my motivation in working online. I have been fortunate to know and learn from great people online for several years now, and I can tell you, the methods from One Week Marketing DO work, and work quite well IF you stick with it and work work work. The rewards are tremendous.

Today I want to share with you something that comes up frequently when I am talking to fellow online marketers, and it is one of the key components that I teach those who are in my coaching program to use One Week Marketing & other bum marketing methods to make money online. That topic is “How to Add a Clickable Image to Your Squidoo Lens.”

A Tutorial on Adding A Clickable Image To Your Squidoo Lens

Adding images is an important part of any lens. Readers love images and they can play a huge role in drawing that emotional response we want to create as online marketers. Adding images that a reader can click on and be taken to an affiliate landing page is even better!

So, pencils sharp – lets get started!

Did you know you are not limited to the images that you directly upload to your lens modules? You can actually insert a picture anywhere on a lens if you know the right html code.

The only catch is you need to host these images somewhere other than Squidoo. There are a few places to host images that are free to use.

I use – it’s free and super easy to use and is what I recommend.

Step 1: Open a Account & Get Your Image on PhotoBucket: Say you want to make your clickable image an ebook cover for a program you are promoting. The easiest thing to do is to upload the ebook cover right from the affiliates page of the website to your PhotoBucket account.

Simply Right Click on the Image you want to save from the affiliate website or photo directory page (make sure it is not copyrighted!), select “Properties” and copy the URL from the properties box:


Right Click – Properties


Highlight and “copy” that URL circled red


Paste that URL where it tells you too on your PhotoBucket page.

Hit Upload Button, and Save. Step one complete!

Step 2: Open up Squidoo and go to your lens in Edit mode. Open your Text Module edit screen and copy/paste the following code into your text Squidoo module:

<a href=”“><img src=”“></a>


Step 3: Replace the “” with the URL of where you want the visitor to go when they click the image. For most of us, this will be our affiliate hoplink. For PotPieGirls One Week Marketing, the code looks like this:

<a href=”“> (Where YourID = Your ClickBank ID).

NOTE: Sometimes you will need to delete and re-type the “quotation” marks after you copy/paste to your lens. Some copy/paste will make them act weird, and by simply deleting and retyping the “quotes” it fixes the issue.

Step 4: Replace the “” with the location of your image on your PhotoBucket account.

PhotoBucket makes finding this information SUPER easy. It is right here on your screen where you image is stored:


Copy and paste that url from the IMG Code Line – excluding the [IMG] at the beginning and end of that code.

Note: You may need to delete and retype the quotes when you paste to your lens, just like before. Its weird, I know.

Your final code will look something like this:

<a href=”“><img src=”” ></a>


Save your module, and you now have clickable images in your Squidoo lens! Pretty cool stuff, and a super easy way to add more power to your lenses and One Week Marketing campaigns. You can also add other pieces of custom code to give your image a title, or to align it right, center, or left on your lens.

Important: Make sure you test your image to make sure it works correctly before promoting it!


I briefly mentioned earlier that I have started offering coaching as well as custom lens creation for anyone who wants to learn more details how to build a lens, get it to rank in Google, get clicks, and if things go right, some sales. I decided to spend my limited time providing help to others because I have had so many wonderful people, such as PotPieGirl, take their time to help me get going.

I invite you to visit my site, to read about how I worked with a new internet marketer named David, and before we even got to Day 5 of a OWM campaign, he had his first ever sale! It is a really inspiring story.

Get the details on his experience with me, and check out my offer for coaching or custom campaign creation just for you by visiting here:

A big thank you to Jennifer, and all the great readers here at!

To Our Success,



Thank you, Bryan!

If you need help with your One Week Marketing campaigns or just want some Squidoo lenses made for you, I encourage you to check out Bryan’s services here.

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