Back From The Beach – Refreshed and Ready To Roll!

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What a WONDERFUL family vacation we had! Nine days of sun, sand, great family, great friends, and great food! Without doubt, this vacation will go down in the books as one of the best vacations EVER! The only ‘down side’ would be that the internet connection there was very temperamental. Occasionally, I had some sort of slow connection, most of the time – nothing. After 24 hours or so, I got thru my bit of withdrawal and fear that my online business would come to a crashing halt without my hand-holding it every second – and actually enjoyed my forced leave of absence from the keyboard.

Take A Break

I am now a strong advocate of taking a break. Seriously – step AWAY from the computer. Go outside, play with your kids, read a book, pull some weeds, heck, wash your car or plant a flower… Just do SOMETHING that is away from the computer. It is AMAZING how clear your thinking can get once you are away from the source of frustration and/or confusion.

There were 8 of us in our beautiful 3 bedroom condo on the beach. My hubby and I have four children – ages 4 to 20. The two older ones each brought a friend. We also had dear friends at the beach during the same week with their two teenage children. Towards week end, my hubbys parents, and other grandchildren and relatives also came down. This trip was all about family – BUT, I did manage to sneak in a few hours for little ol’ me.

I love the beach. It is my ‘happy place’. I take a beach chair, head down to waters edge, and sit there with the waves slightly reaching me and stare out at the ocean.

My husband thinks I am nuts!

However, this is the same man that can sit in a deer stand for hours on end, waiting on deer that never show. I asked him what he does during that time of silence and non-activity. He says he thinks, regroups and re-charges.

Same difference. Minus trees – add beach. =)

One day, the males of the family went on a fishing trip and the girls of the family had the youngest (the four year old). Suddenly, I was alone – just me, my chair, and the ocean.


I thought, re-grouped…and re-charged.

I thought a lot about my online business. How it all came to be what it is today. What is working, what is NOT working. What direction I wanted my business to grow. I thought about the parts of working online that I loved… and the parts I needed to either learn to do better, or just stop doing all together.

It was very enlightening for me to simply think and reflect without pressure of the keyboard in front of me. I HIGHLY recommend it to every single one of you.

Where Does Your Energy And Time Go?

I also thought about something that I want to share with each of you. I realized that once I started worrying about making money online, I started to really make some money. Once I stopped being scared that I wouldn’t learn, I learned. Once I stopped feeling that desperation to make all this work, it started working. Once I became UNafraid of spending money on my business, I earned more.

Now, hear me clearly… I don’t mean I stopped all these negative things and went to watch TV. What I did was to stop using my ENERGY and TIME on these useless and negative feelings and used that same energy on WORKING my business.

Once I stopped worrying, I relaxed and became more efficient.

Once I stopped being scared, I relaxed and became more productive.

Once I stopped feeling desperate, I became more forgiving of my mistakes and LEARNED from them.

Worry, fear, and desperation do NOT build a business – they are business KILLERS. All that energy that is used to worry and to fear…. all that time that is used to desperately jump from one ‘miracle’ idea to the next.. is WASTED energy and WASTED time.

If these negative traits are part of your daily routine… stop. Seriously, stop right now. You will never know all you can be if you are wasting everything great about YOU to those harmful emotions and actions.

You have all it takes to make this work. There is nothing about working online that you can not handle. The only thing that could possibly get in your way is YOU.

For one week – yes just ONE little week – pretend you aren’t worried, or scared, or desperate. Pretend you know exactly what you are doing and use your energy and your time on working. No, not READING more great miracle ideas, but really WORKING.

Wait until you see just how much you can accomplish!

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