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Came across a cool website today that specializes in matching advertisers up with blogs and websites to advertise on. Dclick Ads doesn’t only offer banner ads, they also offer text ads and links that are embedded directly in the text content.

It is free to join Dclick Ads and they handle all the billing, placement, and tracking for ads. Nice!

For webmasters/bloggers to participate in this program, you must own your site and have the ability to use php/asp. Earnings are from impressions or by clicks and payments are mailed by PayPal monthly. It is completely free for webmasters to participate. Earnings incur a 25% processing fee which is subtracted from your monthly payments. What I like best is that webmasters have complete control over what ads they do, or do not, choose to display on their site. Their approval system keeps you in control of the advertisements on your site. That is a definite plus!

If you own your own blog domain, or have your own website, check out Dclick Ads. Every bit of revenue helps!

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