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How Do You Stay On Task?

I have been working intensely the past few days. I have been bringing a new business idea to life and it has consumed me. It’s funny, but once an idea sets in my mind and I can “see” it work, I’m off and running. That’s how this new local business idea has been for me. While I’ve been playing with it and toying with the concept for a few months, it has been the past few days that I have really dug in and went to work to make it happen. Tonight, as I finally slow down, it hit me how intense I have been – how focused. It got me wondering how others focus on their online projects…

Right Brain/Left Brain (If I Only HAD a Brain)

Ok, sorry for the Wizard of Oz reference (but for the record, that little song used to be my ringtone on my phone…lol!), but the whole “left brain/right brain” concept is with me tonight. I’ve heard it said that when you are in your “left brain” you are in your analytical side, when you are in your “right brain”, you are more in your creative mode.

When I am focused, as I have been the past few days, it is like I am in BOTH brains….and oddly, it almost feels “brain-less”. Does that make any sense to you? It all just happens….it flows…and I love that!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have those moments when I go to type some content and my brain goes B-L-A-N-K and I can’t find the right wording to save my soul (ie, really “brain-less” moments), but for the most part it’s like I am automatically following some map that is in my head – and it all just comes together.


There are some requirements for me to be able to work that way.

First, I have to be in that “mood” – ready to work, know what I want to work on (with “want” being the operative word).

Second, all other distractions have to go. Email, stats, other accounts…they all are closed out.

But in a weird way, when I get in this “mode”, there aren’t any distractions. I am THAT focused. Hours and hours go by and I barely realize it.

Does anyone else get this way?

Does Believing Help?

Do you find you focus better, work harder, and get more accomplished when you believe in what you are doing? I really believe what I am testing will work. Probably won’t be tomorrow, or even next month, but I really believe it will work. I can SEE it working and that drives me.

Would I be this intense and this excited to do this work if I didn’t believe in it? No, probably not…and distractions would be inevitable. When I’m not interested, even the idea of cleaning the bathroom becomes tempting…lol!


At this point, it is highly possible that most of us have seen the Tony Robbins video with Frank Kern and John Reese. Personally, I loved that video (watched it 3 times) and yes, it also sold me on Tony’s new product that came out (I’m a big Tony Robbins fan anyway). In that video, Tony talks about how believing in what you’re doing has a major impact on your outcome and the effort you make along the way.

I think he’s right.

From the moment I started working online, I had this unexplainable belief in what I was trying to learn and trying to do. Why? Heck if I know! There was no reason for me to believe in it – I just did.

But, in a way, that made it “easy” for me to work hard, to make my mistakes, and keep moving forward. For me, there wasn’t an option but to keep finding every WRONG way so I could find even just one right way.

That realization got me to thinking tonight about how hard it would be to do this – and how easy it would be to give up – if I didn’t believe in what I was doing.

So, I ask you…

Do you think that believing in something really helps you focus better and work harder?

Or, do you think focus and hard work are just “work ethic” and it doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not?

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