Happy Anniversary To Me

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…And a Happy Birthday, Too!

What a busy week or so it’s been! I don’t like it being this long between posts, but time flies by before I even know what’s happened! I figured I’d take a break and let you know (and see) what I’ve been up to. Besides, if your email inbox is anything like mine lately, you’re over-whelmed with the “latest and greatest” launches out there. I think we can ALL take a break from business and product launches and allllllllll that stuff we do day in and day out today. So, if you don’t mind, let’s take a little break from the norm and I’ll ramble about some of the corny things that have been happening around here. I’ve got pictures and a video, too =)

I Got Old(er)

Yes, as of February 13th, I officially became one year older. As a special gift, we received about 4 inches of snow the day before my birthday. It was absolutely gorgeous! That night, my hubby, my daughter and I played outside in the snow. I’m tellin’ ya, if you want to feel young again, drop yourself in the snow and make a snow angel while big puffy snowflakes fall on your face.snow-angel

It was awesome!

Yes, that’s me making my snow angel =)

Thankfully, my daughter grabbed my hood and pulled it up just as I was about to fall backwards into the snow (not sure exactly when SHE started mothering ME, but I like it).

Unfortunately, my already snazzy hair-do I acquired from the snowball fight all went me-hollis-snow-2010into my face when my hood was pulled up so I have this lovely picture of me and my daughter for all future generations to see.

Oh well, the moment was perfect….

After our snowball fight and snow angels, we just HAD to let our cats out to play in the snow. OK, perhaps “let them” is not the correct terminology… we PUT them out in the snow for our own entertainment and made a quick video of it. (just a note: no animals were hurt during this production. Both cats were quickly back in the house and snuggled up by the fireplace).

For my birthday, my sweet daughter-in-law made a special dress for my granddaughter, Hanna, to wear. The front of the dress hanna-birthday-dresssays, “Happy Birthday GiGi” on it. “GiGi” is my nickname and I’m guessing what Hanna will call me. Here is a picture of Hanna wearing the birthday dress (both the dress and the bow were hand-made by her Mommy).

Hanna will be 3 months old soon, and everyday she changes. I’m tellin’ ya, if I had known how wonderful being a (young…ha) grandmother would be, I woulda had the grandbaby first! She is so precious!

My 3-Year Anniversary

Today, February 18th, marks my three year anniversary for working online. Talk about time flying! Wowzers! Seems like just yesterday that my hubby came home and found me staring at a blank computer screen and asked, “Hey baby, whatcha doin’?

Me: “Making a website – I’m gonna make money online!”

Hubby: “Uhhhh…do you know how??”

Me: “Nope, I have no clue…..but I know I can do it.”

The rest is history – and so is that first website I made since I accidentally erased it while trying to learn FTP….lol!

Those first 2 years or so, I worked my tail off online. We’re talking 12…14…..or more hour days. I wanted this more than anything and was determined…. FIERCELY determined to learn and achieve all I could to make it happen for myself.

I know there are so many of you out there that are going thru exactly what I was going thru just a short time ago.

Hang in there! Please don’t give up!

me-hanna-my-birthdayDo this for YOU.

I wish I could articulate what a difference this has made in my life. Yes, money is cool and all…..but it’s not that. There is something liberating and empowering about wanting something so badly and doing more than you ever thought possible to make it happen. It all happens because of YOU, because of YOUR effort and YOUR learning and YOUR actions.

I know it’s hard to have faith in all this. There is so much uncertainty – no guarantees. No one can promise how much you will make, or how long it will take you to make it.

It’s all up to YOU.

I have no doubt that every single person reading this right now has ALL it takes to make this work.

You just have to want it badly enough… and then GO GET IT.

Think back on things you’ve worked really hard to achieve in the past. Reflect on the dedication and focus you mustered up to get them. You have all it takes =)

Perhaps you are someone who really can’t think of something you’ve ever poured your heart and soul into. That’s ok – but TODAY is the day to start. Do it for YOU.

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