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As many of you know, I recently extended an invitation to those that subscribe to the newsletter to ask me anything about Internet Marketing. Seriously… anything. In exchange for my readers taking time out of their schedule to email me with their questions about SEO, Squidoo, Affiliate Marketing, blogs, online promotion, Article Marketing, or anything about IM, I offered to answer their question right here on (so everyone can benefit) and include a link back to any web page of their choosing.

Apparently, it was a very attractive offer 🙂

Why I Sent That E-Mail To Subscribers

I get emails from blog readers, those that follow me on Squidoo, and those that ‘bump’ into me online ALL the time. I LOVE IT! I believe everyone should have some sort of internet business and if a few words from little ol’ me help someone achieve that – well… wow! I’m speechless. Ok, I’m NOT speechless… I am incapable of ‘speechless’…however I will say I am deeply honored.

Thing is, last week I received an email from someone who really was stuck and needed help. In the email, this person mentioned that they finally ‘got the nerve up’ to email me because I seemed really nice, and approachable, and smart, and awesome…… ok, I’m elaborating a wee little bit…haha! Anyway, being that I AM all those things ::rolling eyes:::, it really bothered me that someone felt they had to ‘get the nerve up’ to drop me an email. Therefor, I emailed my entire list and gave them each a personal, ‘engraved’ invitation to ask me anything about internet marketing.



Holy eMail, Batman!

I guess I shoulda said, “Send me a dollar and ask me anything”!!! My inbox floweth over!!! First off, THANK YOU to all that have sent emails. I am getting to them as fast as I can and slowly many will appear here on my blog. Some emails I answered personally. Not to keep secrets, but to protect niches and/or because they were very case-specific. I think it is uber important to share knowledge. There are no real secrets ’round here.

Secondly, I have received a multitude of emails that are basically the same question – and it is something I know how to do quite well, BUT, it is a LONG answer (Not post material). It is about how to make money with Clickbank with no cost involved… as in, make FREE money. My specialty =)

Do You Want To Know How I Make Money with ClickBank Using All Free Methods?

As I read each of these emails, I realized that my little system could be quite valuable to many of you. While it is a step above the Squidoo Profit System, it is appropriate for those just starting out. Heck, it is how *I* started out! And I know it works….. and better yet, it sets the baseline for your online business. It’s not a make money fast concept…it is solid groundwork for a long-term internet business.

back-at-computer-too-many-sticky-notesIt is the process that I spent time learning and tweaking, and set in motion some time ago (and I still do it). The results of this have provided me with streams of now-passive income that enabled me to move forward with internet marketing and get into blogs, and niche sites, and my website optimization and online promotion services…..and all the little things I do online now to make more money.

These streams of income from all free sources all provided me with income FROM my business to re-invest INTO my business. I also golf a lot now ..and take vacations….and hang out with my hubby and kids….and my morning commute involves tripping over the cats on the way to the coffee pot

(read: I don’t HAVE to pay those outrageous gas prices just to GET to my job).

I know my process works. I’ve been taking notes the past few days, and checking my stats…and seeing if I can prove it and give visuals of HOW to do it and work it for others.

I can. I absolutely can.

Here’s the thing… it won’t be free. Matter of fact, it won’t even be cheap like my Squidoo guide package is. It took me a lot of time – 10 -14 hour days, 6-7 days a week – to learn this and set it straight so I could duplicate it over and over. Don’t believe me, just ask my hubby. The man got so tired of only seeing the back of my head at the computer – but I was so very determined.

How Much Will This Cost?

As much as I want to offer it free – I know I can’t. There is a value on my time and on my knowledge …and I also know that unless we internet marketers PAY for it, we won’t take it seriously….it just sits there on the hard drive and gathers dust. Heck, many of us do that with things we PAY for, too, don’t we? Bless our lil’ hearts!

I only want those that will USE it to buy it…and I don’t want anyone who can’t afford it to buy it right away. Any of y’all that know me well enough, know that I stand firm when I say to NOT invest money into internet marketing that you do not have to spare. I mean that with all of my being. It absolutely breaks my heart to get emails from others that have invested SO much money into all these guru systems and cookie cutter programs online…. and now, not only have they not made a dime, they can’t even pay their bills.

It’s also crossed my mind that I shouldn’t even sell it…. I should just keep my little system to myself. Why would I invite more competition to my little corner of the internet? Even my hubby thinks I’m nuts! His perspective is that I have spent ALL that time getting this to work for me, HOW can I put a price tag on it? And then what? He will lose me to the computer for another 6-8 months while I figure out a NEW system? This system is not long, or involved…and it is far from complicated. I have it down to a fine science now.

Ugh. As you can tell, I am still on the fence about all this. If I give it away or sell it too cheap, then I have to figure out a new way to get those passive income streams rolling… if I sell it for too expensive a price, I won’t be able to help those that really need this. I don’t care how many I might sell – but I’d feel selfish for keeping it to myself.

I even tossed around the idea of offering a mentor-type program …only so many people each month and I take those 30 days helping them get going….and then off and running, secure in their new system. Actually, I kinda like that idea – I am a “helper” by nature….and my readers are the BEST. =)

So, I’m doing exactly what any smart business woman would do. I’m gonna make YOU make the decision! Tell me, are you at a place in your internet marketing career where you need a solid system that has no overhead to make money with Clickbank? Actually, this works with just about all affiliate programs, but I like Clickbank – LOVE those checks every two weeks!

Would y’all like to see another e-system from PotPieGirl?

Leave me a comment… send me an email…. I’ll even step out on the deck to scan for emergency smoke signals!

I want to hear your thoughts.

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Thank you!

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