Kris Yardley Gets My Vote – Here’s Why

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Before I even start this post, let me make one thing clear – I really hate politics. Seriously, I detest it. The games, the mud-slinging, the promises – they all lead to me feeling like I am voting for the “best of the worst”. I don’t like that feeling. Thing is, I have actually finally found someone who I believe is the best person for the job – period.

Since I have this blog, and there just might be someone reading who actually lives in the 25th District of Hall County Georgia, I decided to do something I never ever do – show support for a political candidate.

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8th, there is a special election to fill the seat formerly held by James Mills. This is a SPECIAL election which, to me, means every single vote counts.

I am voting for Kris Yardley for State House.

In fact, I can’t wait to go vote tomorrow – and that, my friends, is a first for me. I am so excited to get this man into office that I am taking this one moment to post something political on a NON-political blog.

Yes, I am totally off-topic today and I apologize for those that expect on-topic from me all the time. Thing is, as I said, every single vote counts and if I have a chance to get Kris Yardley even one more vote, I’m doing it.

In fact, my excitement to get Kris into office has gone as far as me putting a SIGN in my front yard… and that is another thing I never do as far as politics are concerned.

That’s me – putting my sign supporting Kris Yardley up in my yard. ==>>

So why do I care so much if Kris Yardley gets elected or not?

Yes, I consider Kris Yardley a friend. No, I don’t work for him or on his campaign committee. I am doing this freely for one really big reason – I believe in him and I am confident that he is the right candidate to be elected.

To me, the state of our country and our community is like a huge wad of Christmas lights you find in the attic after 10 years. It’s a jumbled mess. Not only do you have to untangle it, but you have to figure out which bulbs don’t work. Anyone feel excited about taking on THAT task?

Kris Yardley IS excited about taking on that task. It’s his passion. He eats, sleeps, and breathes it. I know that people driven by a true passion are people that do very, very well and end up truly HELPING people.

He’s not doing this because he thinks he can give it a whirl, or to win some popularity contest, or because it’s just another office to run for. He is running because he WANTS to work for us. For US, not for his own gain.

To me, having someone in Atlanta who actually gives a cr@p about what happens to the folks at home here in Hall County is REFRESHING and a change I am totally behind.

I have had many conversations with Mr Yardley. I come at him with all kinds of issues and questions – and each time we talk I get more and more thrilled at finally finding the right person for the job. Actually, he is the right person for bigger jobs in the political “game”. Those is our area know that too. Heck, Yardley won his seat on the Flowery Branch City Council by over 75%!! That’s a huge landslide!

The other candidates know this too. That’s why there are crazy things going on right before election day in a sad attempt to take the edge away from Kris. Get this – one other candidate went as far as to make THREE YouTube videos bashing Kris….but he only made videos bashing Yardley, not any of the OTHER candidates (there are 7 or 8 total) – ONLY Kris Yardley.

To me that speaks volumes – not only about the integrity of this other candidate, but about how it’s human nature to beat up on your strongest opponent.

Kris Yardley IS the strongest candidate.

If you live in the 25th District of Georgia (Hall County areas), please, I urge you to take a few minutes to learn about the candidates in tomorrows special election and then PLEASE go vote.

Don’t let this happen without having your choice in the outcome.

Thank you for listening to MY voice about MY choice!

If you’d like to learn more about Kris Yardley you can visit his site here or visit Kris Yardley on Facebook here and here.

If you’d like to get involved in the mud-slinging debate, you can comment on this very eye-opening post I tripped across today that tells a lot about the candidates – things you may NOT want to know.

See ya at the polls!

Note from Jennifer – As much as I LOVE conversation and comments here at, I am closing comments on this one post. I have seen what is happening on other sites today in their comments area as opinions and other candidates get in a pee-pee contest… and I don’t care to have that nastiness here. I’m not a political blog – I’m just one little woman in Hall County Georgia taking an opportunity to be heard. Thank you for understanding.

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