Let’s Play A Game….

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Anyone Up For Some Image Association?

Y’all would not believe how much I read online. Even *I* can’t believe how much I read online…haha! I read forums and other blogs and more forums. I read emails and comments….and more emails….and more emails. Since One Week Marketing has been released, I am spending so much time reading and responding – it’s crazy! I love it! There are some amazing people in this world and I am truly honored to meet each and every one.

There is an on-going theme in a lot of forums and in a lot of emails that I am seeing that makes me want to go into one of my long and rambling posts. I actually started typing it, but then stopped when I realized that I could probably get the same point across with two little pictures.

So, Let’s Play A Little Game

This is an image association game. I am going to show you two images and I’d LOVE to hear what the two images mean to YOU when you think of each image in relation to the other.


What Do These Two Images Mean To YOU?

Think about it…

I really want to know what you think.

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