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Blog monetization, site monetization, how to turn visitors to your site or blog into revenue…. It is an on-going struggle for webmasters and web site owners. We test and tweak our ads on our web sites, we change colors and formats of our AdSense, and on and on… hoping that someone will click this or sign up for that… or buy something else. All this struggle to make a few cents when someone LEAVES your site.

It is frustrating, isn’t it?

The Blog Monetization Frustration Factor

Personally, I have quite a few web sites that are what I call “looker traffic”. They are just looking… not a buying crowd. I’ve gotten better with my AdSense optimization skills (thankfully) and make a few bucks a day off those sites…. but only if they CLICK something. Sadly, these sites get pretty high-volume traffic, but thats about all I can do to convert those visitors. What is even MORE sad, is that I just used the word “sadly” in the same sentence as “high traffic volume”! That IS the goal, isn’t it? haha!

Something very, very exciting was passed along to me today. A way that every, single visitor to your web site, blog, MySpace page, or FaceBook page WILL make money.

Guess what? They don’t have to click anything. They don’t have to sign up for anything. They don’t have to buy anything. Heck, they dont even have to LOOK at anything.

Best yet, you are not getting paid for traffic to LEAVE your site… you get paid just for someone COMING TO your site.

No traffic leaves….. No valuable space on your web site is taken up. No clicking, no videos, no flash……

Just a painfully simple advertising system that is going to make a lot of web site owners a lot of money.


Good – you really should be. I hope you continue reading.

How to End Blog Monetization Frustration

There is a monetization program that is out that I wish each and every single person that sees it will stop and pay attention to it. This advertising concept has me very excited….I could jump up and down and fill this post with fluff and hype – but I refuse to.

This blog and site monetization system is that good – and I don’t want anyone to get turned off by how I expose you to it. Plus, I’m hardly trying to SELL anything here…. I just really want each and every one of you to sit up and take notice.

Heck, I won’t even try and explain it myself. I don’t want to screw it up =)

Once you read, you will completely understand why I am so fired-up about this program. There is no obligation to read this information – and there is absolutely no cost associated with being a PART of this system, either. This system is not widgets, or text ads, or PPC, or banners, or ANYTHING else you have already been exposed to.

This is new.. this is brilliant… this has been in testing for the last two-and-a-half years. The advertisers that are participating in this system (already over 66,000! ), LOVE it… they want MORE.

Advertisers like WHO? Yup, thought you’d ask that. Hmmmmm, well can you say “Harley Davidson” or “Taco Bell”…. and so many more – including the “Big 8”!

Imagine – every single – each and every – 100% – of the visitors to your sites, blogs, MySpace, FaceBook……. all making you money – JUST FOR STOPPING BY.

Yes, to me, this is a Monetization Miracle.

Imagine what it was like being one of the FIRST webmasters to use AdSense – think those guys did any good?

Keep that in mind as you read…

And now, with any further fluff form me –

PotPieGirl Presents:

The Blog and Site Monetization Miracle

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