Squidoo Earnings Released – Best Since Squidoo Slap

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What IS Squidoo?  Click and Find OutIts payday at Squidoo! Squidoo just released the payout information for this month. Remember, what we are getting paid now, in November, is for what we earned for our performance on Squidoo in September.

Many people ask me, “How much can you earn with Squidoo?” and it is always a difficult question to answer. I mainly want to respond, “How much do you WANT to earn with Squidoo?”

The potential is unlimited…seriously.

I integrate Squidoo into my marketing efforts for many purposes – whether it be traffic generation or list building, etc – so earning because of effort on Squidoo are truly unlimited.

However, I think what most want to know is “How much can you get paid FROM Squidoo?”

THAT, I can answer =)

This answer will NOT take into account shared affiliate commissions for affiliate modules on your Squidoo lenses. Once you add those co-op affiliate modules for Amazon, eBay, etc, again – the sky is the limit as to how much you could earn.

I want to answer based on what you will earn by just having a lens on Squidoo. The Adsense co-op shared revenue that is distributed each month. This revenue is split up based on performance on a three-tiered payout schedule. The amount each tier is worth changes each month – and these 3 amounts are based on the performance of the Squidoo site as a whole.

The top tier payout goes to the top performing lenses (by lensrank), the 2nd tier to the middle performers, and the 3rd tier goes to the bottom third of lens-rank.

Following me =)

To add more confusion to this explanation, the Squidoo payments we are receiving now in November are actually for the performance of our lenses in September. Earned in September, calculated in October, paid in November.

Got it? =)

I’ve been involved in 5 payouts from Squidoo. In July (earnings from May) , the top-tier payout was $3.80 per top-tiered lens. Not bad, considering that is just from Adsense co-op shares. In August (earnings from June) the top-tier was paid at $5.99 per lens! NICE!

Sadly, it was about that time that the after-shock of the “Squidoo Slap” start to sink in. The next 2 months, the top-tier payout dropped to $4.12 per lens, and then to $3.32 per lens.

I am happy to report that the top-tier payout for a top-performing lens on Squidoo for performance in September is back up to $4.67! Squidoo took the time to clean it all up, regroup, and come back like gangbusters. The page rank for squidoo.com is back to a PR7 and many, many lenses have very strong PR of thier own. I know I have many PR5’s and PR4’s in my lensmaster collection alone.

Google also seems to be showing love to Squidoo lenses again, too. Lenses of mine that felt some “ouch” from the Squidoo Slap are now back in the top returns and are seeing a definite increase in Google traffic.

Squidoo is not only “back”, but its better than ever. My hat is off to the crew over at Squidoo – they took a nasty situation and made it work for them and for ALL of us =)

Squidoo Earnings – Past Payout Schedules

Paid in——–Month Earned——-1st Tier——2nd Tier—-3rd Tier

July————–May—————–$3.80——–$.65——– $.05

So, let’s take for example that you have 60 lenses. For ease of math, we will break it down to where you have 20 top-tier lenses, 20 in the 2nd tier, and the last 20 in the 3rd tier.

How much did you make on Squidoo?

20 x $4.67 = $93.40
20 x $.79 = $15.80
20 x $.06 = $1.20

With a total payment from Squidoo of $110.40

And that payment is JUST from Squidoo co-op shared revenue based on the performance of squidoo.com. It has nothing to do with how much you can earn if you have affiliate links on your lenses, and make sales – or if you generate 50-100 more visitors to your blog or website, and make sales – or if you have an eBay store and get much more exposure to your products, and in turn, sell more.

The potential earnings power from participating the in the free social site of Squidoo is unlimited – only YOU can control that. As for your monthly payment from Squidoo, the only thing you can control is the quality of your lenses to keep them ranking well in order to receive top payouts each month.

How can you create high quality lenses? Simple – The Squidoo Profit System.

I’m sure there are many happy – and relieved – lensmasters today. Seems like the storm has passed and the Squidoo Slap is now in the history books. Thankfully, this now not only makes the Squidoo site back to what it was, but also makes it an even better place to have your own, free, website platform and presence.

If you’re not participating on Squidoo – you are missing out. If you had been participating, but let it slide since the slap, get back in there.

Life is good =)

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