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The basic premise behind Squidoo is the observation that people want insight and meaning when they search for information on the internet. This is what drove Seth Godin to develop Squidoo.

Squidoo is about developing a community of people who are building web pages (or lenses – which is what Seth has called them) on a range of diverse subjects.

Did you know that Squidoo welcomes Internet Marketers like us. You don’t have to develop techniques to get around the Terms of Service (TOS) as you do with some other Web 2.0 sites.

In fact Squidoo practically falls over themselves to provide you with a free and easy-to-use environment to help your online business grow.

Are You Using Squidoo To Make Money On The Internet Yet? If you’re not, then you’re leaving subscribers and money on the table!

You’re missing out on one of the most powerful free advertising mediums that has ever hit the internet.

Squidoo, at this moment, is one of the fastest growing social networks on the internet. A growing number of Internet Marketers have been using this website’s free advertising to:

> Expand their affiliate marketing business

> Establish themselves as an expert in any niche they desire

> Build lists and generate targeted traffic to their websites

> Claim top rankings in Google for highly competitive keywords

The trick to actually making this work for you is to have access to the right information and the tricks of the trade from experts that are actually building lenses themselves and optimizing them to help Google’s natural search engine pick them up.

These are the things I teach in my Squidoo Profit System, and now, I have come across a great deal on a new Squidoo Guide to hit the market.

Module 1 of the Squidoo Training Formula “What The Heck Is Squidoo?” contains an interview with Bob Jenkins. Bob is an ex-school teacher and is the force behind the premier site on the internet for all things associated with Squidoo.

In this interview Bob demystifies the Squidoo terminology and shows you how he has created lenses that rank in the top three of Google.

Go ahead and type in the phrase “top network marketing companies” into Google and you will see that Bob’s lens www.squidoo.com/moneymakers is ranked in the top three listings.

Do you understand what that will do for your Internet Business?

Squidoo Training Formula is currently in pre-launch and I have a special link to get a very special rate (the only way to get this special rate is detailed at the end of this post). You may notice that the direct link to this product is a “sign up to be notified when this product is released” type page. If you follow the link at the bottom of this post here, you can “sneak in” before the rate goes up.

John is also including a full ebook transcript of the interview and Master Resale Rights to anyone that sends him an honest opinion about Squidoo Training Formula.

Squidoo is one of the fastest growing Web 2.0 websites for Internet Marketers. You can build a Squidoo lens in less than 15 minutes and best of all it is free. “What The Heck Is Squidoo?” will get you up and running quickly and heading towards the 1st page of Google!

Maybe you have heard about Squidoo but don’t fully understand what it is and how it can be used to fast track your internet marketing business.

What if you could sit down and grill a Squidoo expert who has his Squidoo lenses ranked on the 1st page of Google’s natural search engine time and time again and has been featured in the New York Times, what sort of questions would you ask?

Perhaps you’d want to know…

> What the heck is this thing called Squidoo and why should I care about it?

> How can Squidoo be used to build my business?

> How can I build a FREE visitor interactive website in 5 minutes that will rank highly?

> What are the three things you need to do to generate tons of free traffic?

You can get all these answers – and so much more with Squidoo Training Formula.

The only way to get the special pre-launch rate is to click here. Right now, it is $7 – but just for a few more days. This product is scheduled to officially lauch at 6 am on August 28th. As of that moment, this special rate will no longer be available.

Heck, It’s almost as good as my Squidoo Profit System 😉

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