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6 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for Profitable Niche Websites

by PotPieGirl on May 19, 2008 · 13 comments

I make niche websites. I make a LOT of niche websites. I have this theory that while one niche website is good… many, many websites is WAYYY better! Think about it, if you can get one little niche website to make you $50 a month ( which is like $1.60 a day ), how much could I make if I build 50 sites that earn me a little over a dollar a day? $2500 a month – on autopilot? Works for me! I’ve been sick the past few days, but even while I was sitting in the recliner, looking like death, my niche websites have still been working for me.

I’m telling ya – internet marketing is my kind of business!!

How I Make Easy Niche Websites for Profit

So, let’s talk about making niche websites. I use WordPress for all my sites now. There is nothing easier and nothing more flexible than WordPress. Plus, the search engines have this little love affair going with WordPress blog sites now and that makes it all so much better.

I learned how to make these WordPress niche sites the hard way…. reading, reading, testing, tweaking, testing, trying, and breaking things. The good news is that you don’t have to learn the hard way, like I did. You can make a small investment in yourself and read WordPress Goldmine. Read it… read it again… and then DO IT. Want to learn more about WordPress Goldmine? Read my review here.

The only investments you will need to make this niche marketing system work are domain names and a hosting account – which you will need anyway. As for hosting accounts, I HIGHLY recommend HostGator. I had an issue with some of my sites recently, and not only did HostGator email me to make sure I was aware that some of my sites were down, they also CALLED me. Host Gator did everything to help me make sure I got the issues taken care of and my sites back online quickly.

You can host as many websites as you want on your HostGator account… all for less than $8 a month. You can’t beat the rate, you can’t beat their customer service, either. Finding low cost and reliable website hosting is not something you will need to learn the hard way – Just get HostGator.

Ok, so now you’ve got your domains and your hosting…. you’ve read WordPress Goldmine and you’re ready to get to work. Great! After you’ve gone into your cpanel and used Fantastico to install WordPress on your new site and installed a WordPress theme you like, it is time to get those magical WordPress Plug Ins that will make your internet marketing life SO much easier… and much more profitable.

I install the following six free WordPress plugins on every niche website I create.

My Top 6 WordPress Plug Ins for Niche WebSites

#1 - All in One SEO Pack – Hands down, the most important plug in you can have on your WordPress niche site. This SEO Pack allows you to truly SEO-optimize each post on your niche site and the entire site. We all know the title tag is one of the important parts of your web pages to optimize. All in One SEO Pack allows you to do that easily and effectively.

#2 – Privacy Policy – Here’s the facts now… If you’re going to monetize your niche sites with AdSense ads, you must have an approved privacy policy now. This wonderful plug in automatically creates a custom privacy policy page for your WordPress niche website.

#3 – XML SiteMap – I use Google Webmaster tools. Each niche site I create gets added to my Webmaster tools dashboard and a site map is given to Google to enable them to crawl my site properly. While no program will tell you everything about your site that you want to know regarding rankings and back links, etc, Google Webmaster Tools will give you a really healthy glimpse into what Google sees.

#4 – AdMan – This nifty little plug in allows you to pre-format each post with whatever ads you want before each post, in the middle of each post, and at the end of each post. Say, for example, you want an affiliate banner at the top of each post, and then AdSense ads to display within and after each post. Simply enter the code into the AdMan dashboard and you’re set! Also, it is MUCH easier to CHANGE ads on each post this way instead of going to each individual post and making edits.

#5 – Link Cloaking Plug In – Some of my readers have noticed that no matter what I link to here on PotPieGirl.com, that it always shows a PotPieGirl.com url. That is because I use this link cloaking plug in. You can set this plug in to automatically cloak all links – meaning that you just type in your post as usual and once your post is published, all your links are automatically converted. Or, you can be more selective and only cloak certain links. Here is another great benefit of using this link cloaking plug in – you can go into the admin area of your WordPress site and cloak any link you want to USE anywhere you want (hint: Squidoo). This plug in also tracks clicks to each cloaked link. Great plug in.

#6 – ALinks – This is, by far, my favorite WordPress plug in for niche websites. ALinks allows you to predetermine where targetted keywords will be linked to. Imagine this – your niche site is targeted for “cow tipping”. With ALinks, you have the ability to designate a link for any keyword phrase you type in a post. In this example, each time I type ‘cow tipping’ within the content of a niche blog post, it would link to the blogs homepage… automatically. You can also set up ALinks to link to Clickbank products or Amazon products with any pre-determined keyword phrase you choose. Now, imagine this – you found an even BETTER Clickbank ebook about cow tipping that you would rather promote than the original one. Yikes! Now you have to go edit every single post where you linked to the previous Clickbank book. Not with ALinks! Simply go into your ALinks dashboard and edit the keyword phrase to the new Clickbank book and ALL links on your blog will be changed. ALinks is WONDERFUL and has many more uses that you will really like.

WordPress Niche Websites – All You Need

There you have it – with these six free WordPress plug ins, some domain names, and HostGator Hosting (get for $7.95 a month thru this link), you can set the proven WordPress Goldmine System into action.

And we all know…. it takes ACTION to make money online.

Good luck – and please feel free to ask any questions!

Want MORE Profit Pulling WordPress Plugins Specifically for Affiliate/Niche Marketing Blogs?

Check out these 250+ WordPress PlugIns… You Will Be AMAZED At What Is Available To Make YOU More Profitable!


cowy May 20, 2008 at 8:25 am

A very nice list PotPieGirl! I didn’t know the URL Cloaking and Privacy policy plugin Exist! Thanks to you, I’m using those plugin now, hee hee…

Anyway, I see that you make lots of Niche site..How about your squidoo? What is more profitable: setting up lots of self hosted wordpress or create lots of quality Squidoo page?

CherylK May 20, 2008 at 4:30 pm

This looks really good and I’m teetering on the brink of doing all of this. I REALLY want an online business – it’d be great for me as a semi-retired person. Getting serious is the scary part.

By the way, is there a list somewhere of your 35 niche sites?

John Dilbeck May 20, 2008 at 8:34 pm

Hi Jennifer,

Hope you’re feeling better!

Thanks for the heads-up on the Privacy Policy and Alinks plug-ins. I’ll be checking them out tomorrow.

Act on your dream!


Myspace Friend Adder May 21, 2008 at 2:25 pm

Hey PotPieGirl,
WOW I am really impressed. I thought I knew all the “must have” wordpress plugins. You surprised me!! You listed a couple I had never heard of. I always wondered how you did the redirected links. Good to know.
I’m going to run out right now and grab those plugins for my new niche sites!

Chris Lang May 23, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Hi PotPieGirl,

Just a few things on this great article I wanted to add.

You do not need the XML sitemap if you are only using Wordpress and do not have any unlinked pages that you want indexed. Why do you not need an XML sitemap?

Because you already have one, your RSS feed. Just add the feed as your sitemap in Google Webmaster tools. Don’t worry that you create pages with Wordpress, if you embed links to them on you pages, Google indexes them.

Next, do not create a bunch of links in your sidebar that hurt your PageRank juice. Most of the links there do not need to be there. Like the admin links, the default Blogroll,
the XHTML validator links, ect. These all create outgoing links that take away from the Google link juice that you want to reserve for links in you target market. If you want to leave them at least insert rel=”nofollow” in the link.

In the same train of thought do not use a social site plugins that do not use nofollow. There is no reason to link to Digg, Delicious ect. again and again from every post. You are just wasting the link juice you have to give to your own internal site links and the sites you do want to link to.

Use Andy Beards hacked version of http://andybeard.eu/wordpress-plugin-hacks/ of the Social plugin, it uses nofollow in the links.

This also goes for MyBlogLog, the FeedJit widget, Digg badges, Sphinn badges, your outgoing link to FeedBurner in the form, the golf simualtor link and other junk that gives away your outgoing link juice for no reason. Wouldn’t you rather save all this outgoing link juice and pass it on to you own internal pages and your own other sites, squidoo lenses ect?

Also embedding you email link in pages is just going to get you crapload of spam. I use this JavaScript obfuscater, it;s free and can’t be broken.


Just remembered I had not signed up to your newsletter, so I added myself.

Talk to you soon, Chris Lang

Dave Stevens July 17, 2008 at 8:22 pm

Just installed the privacy Policy plugin.

I am trying to find a link the the aLinks plugin but can’t find a working one.

The link in the returns 404.

Please write a working download link

MMMomma August 8, 2008 at 4:21 am

Thanks, always looking for more good plug ins, I have SEO but adman..that is a new one for me

It is after midnight, I have been on your site for about 2 1/2 hrs now..need sleep

MMMommas last blog post..a new post

cyberfly February 10, 2009 at 10:57 am


i try to use alinks plugin and link cloaking plugin for my review site.alinks work well but i have problem with link cloaking plugin.the cloacking works but when i click at the links, it didnt redirect to the real links.any idea?i use wordpress 2.7

cyberflys last blog post..Shinjiru

Kathlene May 9, 2009 at 10:33 pm


I was just going over your plug-ins and see that Alink is not an active site any more but another plug-in appears to be just as good


Great stuff. thanks for sharing.


Lexi June 22, 2009 at 8:32 pm

I am so happy to find this post! Thanks for the great list of Wordpress plugins. Best of all, they’re all free :-)

As for Wordpress Goldmine, I’m not sure if I should buy it. God knows I’ve got enough “make money online” Ebooks/courses in my hard drive already, LOL!

Thanks again!

Website Tools June 27, 2009 at 9:04 pm

You are headed in the right direction. Thanks for the information.

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