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My Super Secret, Ultra-Ninja, Totally Cool Way For Finding Niche Keywords –

Oh yes, this video totally shows how to find low-competition niche keywords for your One Week Marketing campaigns.  Not only that – this technique shows you how to find keywords for your Ezine Articles, Hub Pages, USFreeAds, BlogSpot Blogger blogs, GoArticles, or any other free-to-use website you can think of.  And we’re talking keywords you can actually RANK FOR in Google!!  I know there are as many ways to do keyword research as there are internet marketers, but here is how to find niche keywords PotPieGirl Style!

Keyword Marketing Research for Niche Affiliate Marketing

Throughout the last few blog posts, I’ve been sharing videos with some great pointers for getting your One Week Marketing lenses found in the Google index.  We covered a lot of important aspects of why your lenses won’t rank….why Google won’t keep them indexed (or index them at all)….and why Google won’t even show your lens as a search return.

If you haven’t watched these 3 previous videos here at, do so now.  That way, you’ll have a clue what I’m rambling about today  =)

Intro:  The Basic Structure of Making Money Online For Free

1.  Squidoo Doesn’t Work Anymore (is Squidoo still effective?  Video)

2. Squidoo Keyword Research Video

3.  Web Page Indexing and You Video (Why Your Lens Won’t Rank in Google)

What good is a web page if no one can find it?

Seriously, why even bother making ANY web page if the number 1 source of traffic (Google) won’t send traffic to it?  We are affiliate marketers.  Our job is to create useful content online that recommends a solution to our readers (via our affiliate link, of course).

We don’t SELL – we get found and then we recommend.  However, it doesn’t matter what we recommend as a solution to someone’s problem if we can’t found, right?

Now, we COULD work our tails off dropping links and Twittering our lenses to death in attempt to get SOMEONE to come see it… OR…

We could just create good,quality web page content that Google falls in love with and then sends traffic TO us without any effort on our part.

Passive Traffic.  Passive Earnings.

That’s what I’m talking about!    =)

PotPieGirl’s Secret Keyword Finding Tool

Yes, I have a secret tool I use that helps me easily, and QUICKLY, discover keyword phrases that get my own One Week Marketing campaigns off to a healthy start to a love affair with Google.

I’ve talked about this software a few times, but I don’t push it.  First off, people yell at me when they think I am trying to :::gasp:::: sell something….lol

Secondly, this type of software is only for those that are serious about their affiliate marketing campaigns and ready to invest in their online business.  I totally understand when people aren’t ready to invest whether it’s due to financial constraints or lack of belief – and I am not asking anyone to do anything they are not prepared to do or cannot afford to do (that is my super nice way of asking some people to PLEASE stop yelling at me when I talk about or recommend something that costs money.  Thank you!)

Now, if you are in a place in your affiliate marketing efforts where you’re ready to roll AND you do have the resources to get things that leverage your time and effectiveness, you will love this.

Who Will This Keyword Research Technique Work For?

If you make online content, this software is for you. Especially if you are using free-to-use websites like Squidoo, HubPages, Ezine Articles, USFreeAds (Bum Marketers, are you listening?), GoArticles, Zimbio, Blogger blogs and on and on and on.

For One Week Marketing Action Plan followers, this software is a DREAM tool.  It is the one tool that I would not be without when creating a One Week Marketing campaign.

Just watch and see what only one LITTLE feature of this software can do for you.

Perhaps now you’ll see how I can crank out my campaigns so quickly….(yup, the proverbial cat is now out of the bag…haha!)

Finding Niche Keywords – FAST (the video)

Pretty cool stuff  there, isn’t it?  While keyword research is always part guessing-game, this software gives me even better educated guesses and gets me creating my online content SOOOOOOOO much faster.  And THAT is the part that makes me money.

That video was 5 minutes long.  In it, you saw me pick a VERY high gravity Clickbank product and find a handful of keyword phrases that I can rank for using free-to-use websites like

During that video, I went thru over 200 keyword phrases and was able to pick one AND find an available Squidoo url to be able to start making my lens.  All in 5 MINUTES.

Trust me, I remember the days of typing away and searching til my eyes hurt on Google – and I don’t miss it one little bit.

You can try the software I use for FREE for 7 days thru this link –

If you are a One Week Marketing user, take the free 7 days and at least TRY IT.

This software does SO much that goes hand-in-hand with One Week Marketing.

Do You HAVE To Have This Software For One Week Marketing to Work For You?

No, of course not.  I stand by the One Week Marketing Action Plan as-is 125%.

I made a new campaign last night because I came across something I wanted to try.  It was about 3:30 am (yup, I’m a nightowl…lol).  By about 11 am this morning when I checked, everything I did was already in the Google index.  I went straight by the One Week Marketing guide – well, I kinda half-assed it because I was super tired – but even half-assed, it still works like a charm IF you pay attention to the things I’ve been talking about in the previous videos.

Site saturation is VERY important to check BEFORE starting a OWM campaign.  It can make a B-I-G difference in the ultimate success of your free marketing campaigns. cuts down on your research time majorly.  I’m not hard-selling here.  I truly don’t think there is any need to.  Just that quick 5 minute video speaks VOLUMES about the time that you can save and the ultimate potential of your campaigns.

Ok, ’nuff said from me.

I have GOT to do some laundry.  This past week or so has been crazy busy and the laundry is less like a pile and much more like a MOUNTAIN.  In fact, I coulda swore I just saw a golf shirt walk by and put itself in the washing machine!

I wish they made software for laundry!  hahahahahaha!

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