Squidoo Doesn’t Work Anymore

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Is Squidoo Dying?

If I had a dime for everytime I’ve read that on the internet… wow, I’d be a VERY rich woman! In the two plus years I’ve been part of the Squidoo community, the claims of “Squidoo is Dead!” have been never-ending. First off, I want to say this… if these reports of the death of Squidoo keep the spammers away, then yeah, move along….Squidoo is a goner. BUT, if YOU are genuinely working on the Squidoo.com site, let’s talk for a minute and maybe I can shed some light on why your lenses aren’t being picked up by Google and/or staying in the Google index. (yup… I’ve got another PotPieGirl video! Fancy graphics and all! haha!)

Perhaps THIS Is Why Your Lens Won’t Rank in Google?

It’s well after 1am for me and I am BEAT…. like, totally worn out. My hands are killing me from typing as I again made the futile attempt to catch up on email. I THOUGHT I was doing pretty well today – that is, until I got to Wealthy Affiliate forum and saw my Private Messages…lol

Just look:

potpiegirls messages in wealthy affiliate

EIGHTY-THREE private messages! Holy Smokes! Even if each message “only” takes two MINUTES to open, read, respond and send – thats, what? 166 minutes…. almost 3 HOURS! Oh boy, do I sure need a clone! I answered a ton today, but if by chance YOUR message or email is still out there, please be patient with me. I am truly honored that so many folks want to have a minute or two of my time…and I do the very, very best I can.

Ok, back on topic….


Is Squidoo Dead?

I made this video tonight (uhhh… this morning) to answer that very question. My hope is that this video will shed some light and spread some insight as to what is happening at Squidoo.com.

I imagine a follow up video will be needed here. The technique I use was skimmed over since I was short on time since I keep all my videos under 5 minutes (time is precious, right? And who wants to listen to ME ramble endlessly? haha!)

Aside from a follow up video…. does THIS video shed any light on what is happening over at Squidoo or to YOUR lenses?

Do YOU think Squidoo is dying… or dead? Or do you think Squidoo is STARVING for some original content for Google to consume?

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