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I manage a group on Squidoo. I thought it would be fun, so I created one…. and then forgot all about it. Nice, huh? I swear, if my head wasn’t attached to my body……


Join PotPieGirl’s Group on Squidoo

This is my personal invitation to all my blog readers to add their Squidoo lens or lenses to my Friends of PotPieGirl group on Squidoo. All lenses will be accepted immediately, however I do reserve the right to remove any lenses that are Squidoo No-No’s

Add one lens…add a hundred… I welcome them all!

A special thanks to the few Squidoo lensmasters that found my group – even tho I forgot about it.

Thank you to :
FitRobby, and

Thanks, y’all!

Head on over to Friends of PotPieGirl and add your lenses. Let’s show them fantastic Squidoo lenses off!

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