5 Tips to Start Making Money Online

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With todays economy and the real signs of recession, more and more folks are taking a good look at their computer to see if there is income potential. This is a smart move. Making money from home with your computer is a very real possibility for anyone who takes the time to learn.

However, learning is the roadblock that many run face first into while trying to learn this online marketing business.

There is SOOOO much information about making money online – it will certainly make your head spin. Worse yet, WHAT information is reliable? What program or system is real… and which are just out for your money?

The usual course of events for someone looking to start making money online goes like this:

1. I’m gonna get rich… really quick and really easy.

2. Spend a day, maybe two, reading all the great ways I can make a lot of money from my computer.

3. Buy a lot of programs, AdSense sites, sure fire systems to overnight riches…. read them once (maybe), work a system half way (maybe)….buy another program or system.

4. Spend too much money while trying to find a reliable way to make money online – and still not making a dime.

5. Quit trying and go back to life as it was…..with even less money than when you started.

Folks, I am living, breathing proof that it does NOT have to go that way. Making money online…sitting at your kitchen table…kids running around…whatever…. It CAN be done. If you are still relatively new to this whole online marketing thing, or if you are brand-spanking new, I have 5 simple tips I’d like to share with you.

5 Tips to Successfully Start Making Money Online

start1. Do NOT fall for the latest and greatest, get rich quick, “I made $50,000 overnight”, so-easy-a-two-year-old-can-do-it online money making system. Better yet, resist the urge to pay money for ANY information, period. There is way too much FREE information online to help you start making money that it is silly to waste any of your hard-earned cash on anything until you have an idea of what you’re doing.

Online Internet Marketing forums are a great place to start. Internet Marketing blogs are also a very valuable source of FREE information. But Beware – there are also way too many people online that know so little about what they are talking about and give out bad advice and information.

When you can distinguish between GOOD online business advice and BAD online business advice, THEN you can start thinking about buying something to help your online business grow.

2. Diversify. Let me say that again… D-I-V-E-R-S-I-F-Y your online earning opportunities. Do not put all your income opportunity eggs into one project. While closing out my February earnings I realized that I currently have 25-30 sources that send me income earnings each month. Yes, I am quite proud of my AdSense earnings lately, however if AdSense stops working for me (or goes out of business, etc), I still have 29 other sources of revenue kicking each month. I also have 35+ web sites of my own that I use along with free sites like Squidoo. Do not put yourself in a position where ONE project or ONE affiliate program can break you.

3. Learn how to write articles and content for the internet. It is NOT the same as it was when writing term papers for high school. Being able to write content that converts and gets good rankings in the search engines is a LARGE part of the make money online battle.

4. Do not rely on any ONE internet marketing tool. When doing keyword research or market research, use MANY tools to get your information. No ONE tool is THE tool to have. There are PLENTY of great free research tools to be found online – no need to go forking out money until you KNOW what you need and KNOW what will make your work easier. There are no miracle tools, so please diversify your business tools, too.

5. Two Must Have Guides. If you absolutely, positively, have GOT to buy something to start making money online, then I recommend two products. Yes, only two and neither are my own…haha!

Online Business Information and Guide Book – This hunk of a book about starting an online business is fantastic. I wish I had bought it sooner. I refer back to it often and it is a great place to start to try and get a grip on this whole ‘start making money online’ thing.

Solid System to Make Money Online – I have read a LOT of these ‘systems’, and this one, hands down, is THE BEST. I did a review on this blog money making system the other day after reading and watching everything this system offered. No matter what place you are in this online money making thing, you will love this system. Learning how to create simple money making blogs is HUGE online now… and WordPress is the solution. I am still completely impressed with this package and can’t say enough about it.

Ok, I’ll admit that it IS the system I’ve been using for quite some time now, but this author explained it all so completely…MUCH better than I would have done. Best part about this system is that it is so easy to do over and over again. It works, but make no mistake… you still have to DO work. An online business is still a business…it’s not a get rich quick thing. However, you will probably like your boss when working online MUCH more than any other boss (uh, that boss would be YOU..haha)

I can not stress enough how valuable these two products are for the success of your online business. When you are ready, please check them out. The total investment for both is about $65. I would say that is a quite a bit cheaper than a college education, isn’t it? =)

Whatever you do to start making money online – do NOT quit. Yes, the learning curve can be a real wing-dinger, but you CAN get past it if you stick with it.

Above all, this last ‘bonus’ tip is the one I want you to take with you.

When in doubt, ASK. There are so many folks, like me, that have blogs designed to help others make their first money online… ask us! I answer emails all the time and would be glad to help you, too.

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