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Squidoo Earnings – January 2008 Payment – Part 2

by PotPieGirl on January 9, 2008 · 4 comments

Earlier today I recapped my payment from Squidoo that I received last night. My payment from Squidoo (for November earnings) was $43.90. That amount reflects Squidoo’s co-op payout and had no reflection of how much I earned from sources OTHER than Squidoo. I have since received a couple emails asking how much I made in the month of November as a direct result of having pages on Squidoo.

Excellent question and definitely a Squidoo question that has kept me busy here for a little bit as I attempted to figure it all out. You folks got me to dig out my November spreadsheets and take a good hard look at what earnings I made as a direct result of a Squidoo lens.

PotPieGirl – November on Squidoo

So lets start with my number of lenses. Currently, according to SquidUtils, I have 70 lenses. Only 62 of them were active for the November earnings calculations. After a brief review, I see that I have about a dozen lenses that were created expressly to earn revenue. Thats only about 19% of my lenses…. does that sound low?

Thing is, I create lenses for many reasons. Sometimes I create a lens purely to drive traffic to a niche site. Other times, I create a lens just because I feel like it. Yes, I have lenses that are about things that matter to me (such as conserving home energy or recycling cell phones) and things I am a fan of (such as Tim McGraw and Alabama Crimson Tide Football – Roll Tide!). Yes, these fun lenses have been monetized with earnings modules, but I didn’t create them solely for that purpose. Every once in a blue moon, I see those lenses make some extra money, but not often at all.

Now, one more thing. The amounts I list out below for money made with Squidoo in November are earnings that are a direct result of activity ON that Squidoo lens. I didn’t count traffic that went from a lens to a niche site and made a purchase. Solely earnings from the lens. Clear?

Ok – let’s see how I really did.

Money Made from Squidoo – November 2007

Payment from Squidoo – $43.90

Commission Junction - $35.00 (I just started really working on cj in mid November so thats not too bad)

Amazon – $77.74 (earnings from my Amazon affiliate link on Squidoo pages)

ClickBank – $ 257.07 ( ‘Tis NOT the season for digital products! Yuck! Usually MUCH better than this)

eBooks – $269.85 (Other digital products not thru ClickBank)

Total Squidoo Earnings November – $683.56

Squidoo Earnings Review

So, since I have 12 of what I consider “money-maker” lenses, they were each worth about $57 a month to me (if all things were equal). Obviously, some lenses are worth much more to me than others, but all-in-all, that is a good rough estimate/average.

I’m sure some folks are wondering, “Gee, why not make ALL your Squidoo lenses as “money makers”? Think how much you could make!”

That is a valid point. 62 lenses each earning me an average of $57 a month would be pretty sweet.. well over $3500 a month. I just don’t “do Squidoo” that way. However, if one wanted to make some serious money on Squidoo, it totally can be done, can’t it? Perhaps I need to re-read my Squidoo Profit System and get back on the ball!

Thing is, Squidoo only accounts for about 1/4 of my monthly online earnings. It is one stream of income that I took the time to learn and develop to enjoy rewards now. All of my work on Squidoo is on auto-pilot now. Yes, I still create a 2-3 lenses a month, and yes, I go in and ‘freshen’ my lenses from time to time. But all-in-all, my Squidoo lenses work for ME now while I am actively working on other projects.

Try Squidoo. Put a few weeks effort into a healthy Squidoo dashboard and see how it goes.

Try it— you’ll like it!


Rob January 9, 2008 at 10:42 pm

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the updates and congrats on your “hands off” residuals with AC and Squidoo. Way to go!


Jacques February 19, 2009 at 12:16 am

Wow thats fantastic. Congrats!

Jacquess last blog post..Why People Fail At Making Money Online

Jane@freereminder July 5, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Squidoo was a smart way to build a Google AdSense honeypot and part of its failure may relate to the lower levels of income from AdSense. Also, why would Seth lose credibility? It’s smart to try out new ideas and walk away if they don’t work. With most of this new media publishing we are still figuring out what will work and what won’t. Silicon Valley tolerates massive amounts of failure, only about one startup in 20 makes it…

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