Associated Content Payout – Page View Bonus January 2008

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I started writing for Associated Content in late May of 2007.  I really like it.  Write an article, get paid for that article directly into your PayPal account… AND get paid a monthly page view bonus for each view of each article you have.  Not a bad deal!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been about to sell an article to Associated Content since early October.  In October, I only submitted one  article – the rest go back to August.  I’ve been so busy with other projects and clients that I just haven’t had the time.  Good news is that even tho I haven’t sold articles to AC lately, I am still enjoying residual income from the Page View Bonus at Associated Content each month.

For those familiar with Associated Content, I am currently a clout level of 8 (out of 10) and have 112,905 page views to my articles.  As a guess-timite, I think I have about 50 articles in my Associated Content Producer portfolio.

Not only did Squidoo payout last night, but so did the Associated Content Page View bonus.  It is really nice how both sites are now structured to pay out monthly and at about the same time.  My online business has very low over-head, and these two payments keep me well-covered each month with room to grow my business, too.

Last months page view bonus was better for me.  I was paid $41.62.  Not bad considering it takes 1000 page views to earn $1.50.  That means I had 27k+ page views in November.  Heck, thats “free money” from work I did months and months ago – I’ll take it!

This months page view bonus for me was a bit lower.  I’m guess the holiday season throughout December put a hit on web traffic.  I received $32.00  for my December page views on Associated Content.  Thats about 21k page views to my articles.  Still not bad… and like I just said, I did that work months ago.

Back in September and October, I was barely clearing $20 a month in page view bonus.   It wasn’t until I really learned how to do effective keyword research and learn how to write good content, that I started submitting articles that get a LARGE bulk of my page views.  I have an article I submitted at the very end of August that already has over 41k page views on it’s own!

Bottom line, if you are a US resident, I highly recommend spending some time selling content to Associated Content.  Make $5+ per article right away… and then enjoy residual page view bonus payouts for your work.

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