Heading To The Beach – A PotPie Post Of Great Stuff

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Tons of stuff today…. A great upgrade to a free keyword tool that you will love! Article marketing advice about getting your affiliate links in article marketing articles (ie, Bum Marketing artices)… also I answer the age-old question of “How long should my article marketing articles be?”. The whole PotPieGirl family is headed to the beach in the morning, so I want to leave everyone with some great reading.

Off To The Beach!

That’s right, Ma and Pa PotPie are taking all four PotPie kids (AND two of their friends) for a week long trip to the beach! We have all been looking forward to this trip for months…and now the time has come! The last 48 hours have been a whirlwind of wonderful things here at our house.

Insert PotPieGirl Here!My 16 year-old daughter (will be 17 at the end of July) decided to kick it into high-gear for school. She was determined and driven (have no idea where she gets THAT from haha!), and the school let her take a big load for summer school classes. Yesterday, I took her for her final exams…and guess what? My 16 year old daughter is now a High School graduate!!!! That’s right, she is DONE! While she will get her diploma when we return from the beach, she won’t actually do the graduation walk/official ceremony until the rest of her class walks in the spring. She will start college classes after the first of the year. It is all SO exciting and I can’t even begin to express just how proud I am of her!

My son (who is 20) already graduated – so, two down… two to go. It will be quite some time for the younger two… they are 8 and 4 =)

Yesterday, we also FINALLY decided on a new family vehicle and it is set to be delivered here to the house in a few hours. Funny how things work out just when you need them to – the bigger vehicle will be wonderful to have for this trip =)

Joking with my hubby last night, I told him that in true ‘guru style’ that I should post pictures of me with new cars and sipping umbrella drinks on the beach….. hahahhaha! Totally NOT my style, but maybe a picture of me sipping a juice box while playing with the kids on the beach… or a picture of the new car with sand ALL in it… would be a LOT more realistic – and more my style! 🙂

I may or may not be posting to this blog while we are gone. Any of you that have been working online for a while KNOW that your family is ‘the reason’. My family has tolerated moms face at the computer for a LONG time… and the reason my face was stuck to the monitor was for all of us, and for moments like this next week. If the opportunity arises where I have time (ie, kids are ignoring me), I will post. I will be checking email, but please bear with me if it takes a little longer for me to respond. I really appreciate everyones patience!

Ok, enough about me…. I have found some great stuff for you to read while I am away. Since I haven’t done a PotPie Post in quite some time, I figured now would be a great time to have a totally UNfocused blog post that gives you some cool tools and tips.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool Improvements

First off, the Google AdWords/Keyword tool now has a wonderful addition of ACTUAL NUMBERS for search volume. Yes, REAL traffic numbers straight from Google! How wonderful! And how USEFUL! A big hat tip to Jim Morris for letting me know this from an email. You can read all about it thru that link. You can also read what WebProNews had to say about the traffic volume stats now being shown on AdWords keyword tool here or just go try the AdWords keyword tool directly here:


Should Big Time Bloggers Help Newbies?

Monika, over at Court’s Internet Marketing School, made a very insightful post about ‘big time’ bloggers and returning emails from those that ask for help and direction. I really liked this post AND the discussion that followed in the comments area.

Article Marketing Advice and Tips

Over at my own 6StepNicheSites.com blog, I have made two posts recently on the topic of article marketing (also known as Bum Marketing to many of you).

How To Get Affiliate Links In Article Marketing Articles

How Long Should an Effective Article Be?

Will Your Niche Be Profitable?

On the same blog, I also made a post about testing the potential profitability of a niche. When you start out building niche websites, you might have concerns about whether or not you should even bother with a niche market. This article could help some of you with that question when you wonderful if you have a profitable niche.

Also on the topic of niche websites, I came across this little gem of a case-study. The author is quite successful online and produced a very low-key blog that details his whole process of building a niche website. I enjoyed the read and I think it is good reading AND good learning.

Niche Research

This handy, dandy free niche research tool I found is just wonderful. Ever have to research and learn about a niche before you could write your content? It takes a while to sort thru all the Google search returns to get to the ‘meat’, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could summarize and page or search results and just get the gist of it all?

You can!

Try these neat tool that will summarize the content of a web page:

Gist a Web Page – just drag the little tool link to your bookmarks and you can simply click ‘gist it’ for any page you are on

Gist Search Results – THIS is WONDERFUL. Go ahead, type a keyword in and see what it gives you!

Ok, that’s it from me for a little bit. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I’ll be back before you know it. MAYBE by the time I get back, my locked Squidoo lens will be UNlocked! haha!

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