Who Is PotPieGirl?

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An Interview With PotPieGirl –

I was recently extended an invitation by Andrew Wee to do a phone call interview with me for the Friday PodCast series he runs on his blog. Wow, what an honor! I don’t know about y’all, but when I walk out the door of my home, there really isn’t anyone to just sit and talk to about all this internet marketing mumbo-jumbo. To be able to sit and chat with someone like Andrew was super exciting for me!

I’ll admit, I was a bit intimidated and nervous about the impending interview. C’mon, I’m just PotPieGirl – not some high-profile internet marketer… what the heck would *I* have to talk about? LOL!

Well, it turns out that I had plenty to say. I was given the opportunity to talk about how I got started working online and all the road blocks I ran into along the way. Just a note to those of you that are really new to internet marketing, I PROMISE that once you hear how much *I* didn’t know when I started, you will feel much better. Seriously, I was clueless. (Can’t believe I admitted some of those things….lol!!)

We also talked about Squidoo and affiliate marketing strategies for Squidoo lenses. And yes, I even finally told the story about how I got the “PotPieGirl” name =)

Anyway – I had a great time talking with Andrew and want to take a moment to thank him for the invitation. I hope you’ll stop by and have a listen. You will end up learning a lot more about little ol’ me.

The PodCast Interview With PotPieGirl is Here

Have a great weekend!


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