Squidoo Earnings – January 2008 Payment

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It’s payday at Squidoo again. Over-night, Squidoo sent some money into my Paypal account! WooHoo! I love when I ‘make money while I sleep’!

To continue with the current upward trend of Squidoo earnings, this months top-tier payment was even better than last months.

Just a quick refresher –

  • Squidoo earnings that were paid in January are actually for earnings in November. With Squidoo, it is “earn it one month”, “wait a month”, then “get paid the next month”
  • Squidoo pays it’s AdSense/co-op earnings out based on a three-tiered system. The top third of lenses (by lensrank) are paid the top-tiered amount, the middle third the second-tier amount, and the bottom third get the third-tier amount.
  • These amounts do NOT reflect individual module earnings, nor do they reflect any direct earnings I may have received due to traffic to my lenses clicking thru to an affiliate product, etc. This is simply a break-down of Squidoo co-op payouts.

Squidoo Pay-Out Chart

Paid in——–Month Earned——-1st Tier——2nd Tier—-3rd Tier

July————–May—————–$3.80——–$.65——– $.05
December — October —————–$6.05——–$1.03——–$.05

January —-November ——-$6.23—–$1.06——$.05

As you can see, the top-tiered lens payout is even better yet than the previous month. Very nice! Thank you, Squidoo!

How to Make Top-Paying Lenses on Squidoo

I keep getting asked, “HOW do you make lenses and KEEP lenses in the top third of all Squidoo lenses to ensure best earnings from Squidoo?”

If you are not already familiar with and enjoying success with Squidoo, I (of course) recommend the Squidoo Profit System.

If you simply need a refresher or a free Squidoo course, read here in my blog.

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