Pinterest Tip: How To Know How Many Pins and Repins an Individual BLOG POST Has

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How Many TOTAL Pins and REpins Does My Blog Post Have? How To Find Out Quickly & Easily

How many pins does my post haveHave you ever wondered how many total individual pins your blog post has?

No, not repins on an individual pin on Pinterest, but the total number OF individual pins for your post that are ALL OVER Pinterest.

Turns out, there is a VERY easy way to find out this info.

I love little tips and tricks for Pinterest that make my life easier, don’t you?

And this is a GOOD one – being able to SEE, at any given moment, how many pins and repins in TOTAL your blog post (or ANY blog post) has is pretty valuable information!

Let me show you how to do it.



Before I show you how, let me clear some things up first, ok?

There is a “pin count” and there is a “repins” count for every blog post (unique url).

The “pin count” reflects how many NEW pins have been made from that blog post.

The “repins” count reflects how many times any pin from that blog post have been RE-pinned.

Yep, confusing – but it doesn’t have to be if you understand these few things:


What are New Pins?

1 – Every time someone comes to your blog post and clicks to pin anything from your post, that is a NEW PIN.

2 – Every time you have Tailwind auto-pin for you, THAT is also a NEW PIN.

3 – Every time you have Boardbooster “Loop” your pins, those are also NEW PINS.

Pinterest tallies those up and calls them “Pin Count”.

note: The ONLY way to use an auto-pinning tool and get TRUE re-pins automatically is by doing it the way I use BoardBooster, ok?


Aren’t Pins Made By Auto-Pinning Tools RE-Pins?!?!

No, they are NOT true repins.

I know many think they are “re-pinning” when they schedule pins with Tailwind or other pinning automation tools, but they are not true re-pins – they are NEW pins (that individually start each with a repin count of zero for that ONE pin).

My BoardBooster Strategy DOES create true re-pins.

I’ve test a gazillion different possible ways to get genuine repins with an automation tool, but that strategy is the only one that genuinely REPINS a pin.


What are RE-Pins?

Every time someone is on Pinterest and clicks to “save” a pin they see ON Pinterest to their own board (or a group board), that counts as a RE-pin.

A repin is a pin that was found ON Pinterest and then saved/repinned to another board while ON Pinterest.

Pinterest tallies those up and calls them “Repins”.

Now, whether it’s a NEW pin or a REpin, each creates a new page (unique url) on the Pinterest site.

While YOU can delete pins on YOUR boards, there is nothing you can do about all those other new pins and repins others have on their Pinterest boards.


And that is the beauty of Pinterest – you can’t stop it!

If you have decent pin images and follow a GOOD Pinterest strategy, those pin “seeds” you pin on Pinterest TODAY will grow and grow into great traffic from Pinterest.


If you read about ‘Core Pins’ in this blog post when I talked about how often you should pin your blog posts, you know that Pinterest is like a speed train snowball – it just grows and grows and you simply can NOT stop it.


note: if you’re NOT pinning enough, that is a big problem and can stop you from getting great results from Pinterest. Not having any luck with Pinterest? Not sure if you’re pinning enough? Read my free guide: 8 Fatal Pinterest Mistakes for help.


Ok, now that we have discussed what Pin Count and Repins are in relation to an individual blog post…


Here’s how to find your TOTAL counts for an individual blog POST.

(note: the blog MUST be using Rich Pins for this to work. I’m feeling to safe to assume – ugh! – that YOU have Rich Pins enabled for your pins on Pinterest, right? If not, learn how to get Rich Pins here.)


1 – Copy the url of one of your blog posts

2 – Paste that post url into the Pinterest Debugger here.

3 – Click “Validate”

4 – Scroll down and look at the info returned.

You will see (or should see) an area with “Pin Count” and “Repins”.

Next to each is the total number of each for THAT blog POST.

how to find total pins and repins count for a blog POST


Also keep in mind, those results are for that EXACT blog post url.


As an example:

I have a lot of pins and repins for my post How To Make $200 a Day Online

BUT, not too long ago, I changed my blog post url structure (I removed the date stuff from my urls).

That means I have a Pin Count and Repins count for my OLD url for that post AND I have a Pin Count and Repins count for the NEW blog post url.

Pinterest sees each post url as a DIFFERENT blog post because there are 2 different urls.


That means:


are seen as 2 DIFFERENT blog posts to the Pinterest debugger tool because one url has the / at the end and the other does not.

Got it?

That also means that if you change your blog post url structure like I did, you could LOSE all your pin counts that show in your social sharing buttons on your blog post – ACK!


THANKFULLY I use this social sharing buttons plugin and I did NOT lose the true pin and repins count for that post after changing my url structure!


It can be hard to get pins and repins from a blog that is about learning Pinterest tips and making money online – people sure click and read, but they don’t share.

Interesting, right?

It might be a “competition” thing – I dunno – but I DO know I want to keep every single pin and repin count I can get! lol!

Anyway, that’s how you find the total pin and repin count for a specific blog POST.

Easy, right?

AND, you can do this for ANY pin that is using Rich Pins – not just your own =)


Want MORE Pinterest Tips & Tricks Like This?

Learn How To P.I.M.P. Your Pinterest – I’ll show you some really cool stuff =)


Also important to note: if you don’t WANT to use (or pay for) an automated pinning tool and would prefer to pin and repin manually…

This Manual Pinning Strategy is super – works great!

She gets anywhere from 5,000 page views from Pinterest each day to over 30,000 a DAY from Pinterest simply by pinning like this.

Yes, each DAY! Crazy, right?

But THAT is the POWER of Pinterest!






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How many pins does my post have
Ever wondered how many TOTAL pins and repins have been made from your blog POST?  Here's a really simple way to find out.
Here's the EASY way to see how many pins and repins in TOTAL your blog post has
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